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Thread: Metro to sell unlocked phones???

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    If true, this would be huge. In the Cricket forum. there are complaints about Cricket disabling features like VoLTE on phones that they do not whitelist, which seems like any phone that you do not buy from them. Between that, and the fact that Cricket still uses a max speed of 8 Mbps for their LTE plans, it would seem like Metro is making a run at their customers.

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    i say its unlikely to be accurate, sources of mine who usually know have not heard anything.

    metro has also been going the opposite direction in terms of only allow accessories sourced form a single exclusive vendor and sold at consistent price at all locations. would be odd to have handsets form different sources but not be allowed to sell a case or tempered glass to go with them.

    more likely communications about pushing for BYOD (as in customer bringing their own unlocked phones into the store) was confused with dealers selling those devices to the public. on conference calls, etc. these two very different practices are often confused with corporate side talking about customer provided unlocked BYOD and dealer side thinking the conversation is about dealing in used unlocked phones.

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