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Thread: DuraXV E4810 Extreme headset/speaker phone issue resolved?

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    DuraXV E4810 Extreme headset/speaker phone issue resolved?

    Hello, I was looking into this phone and the previous E4610 to purchase used/unlocked. Headset/mic for call use is very important to me so I did a search, found just one post about an issue with the E4810.

    Something about plugging/unplugging the headset, if you unplug the headset when powered on, the phone will choose speaker phone on for the next call, even if it was off before. You then have to power cycle the phone to get out of this, to use just the headset again.

    The issue was raised August 2020 and a software fix was said to be on the way. The user who posted did not get satisfaction on this and ended up bailing out on the phone.

    I searched the web, here, verizon, kyocera; this is the only mention of the issue I can find anywhere. Anyone know did the software fix happen, does/did your DuraXV Extreme E4810 exhibit this behavior?

    Note: I am not yet allowed to post links. If you search
    kyocera E4810 speaker phone issue fixed?
    the thread will be right at the top. At least it is on DuckDuckGo

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    I have a Kyocera E4810 flip phone that has a 2 year warrantee. It had sound quality issue with speaker phone off and on lowest volume setting. It also had a keypad issue whenever I pressed certain number keys the number would not appear on the screen until i pressed it a 2nd time even though i could hear the touch tones.

    People say my voice sounds muffled and when i put the phone to my ear the other person sounds muffled. I have red pocket which runs off Verizon towers.

    Kyocera replaced this phone and the replacement has the same sound quality issues.

    I called kyocera in San Diego, CA. nobody returns my calls or responds to my emails. I call the 800 number and spoke with a tech and these morons at kyocera tell me they think the phone has a defective mic and defective ear phone or ear speaker and i should pay $44 to ship the phone back to them. This is absurd. They sent me a defective phone and i should pay for shipping.

    Are there other people with this phone that have sound quality issues?

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