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Thread: Currently own Apple

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    Currently own Apple

    Considering taking the plunge. I currently own an Iphone.
    It's between Iphone XS Max & Samsung S10+.
    The cost of a Samsung Galaxy S10+ is more budget friendly than Iphone XS Max.
    I have an Ipad which I like being able to transfer automatically from my phone.
    Leary of Google Photos.

    In advance, grateful for feedback.

    Thank you!

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    You're in the apple environ. So it'll be tough to escape. Personally I wouldn't go samsung. I'd look at Motorola but you'll have to spend $500 or less. I don't know if you're dead set on having to spend $1,200 though.
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    Honestly I wouldn’t bother. You’re gonna get a longer lifespan sticking with an Apple device then you would Android considering Apple supports their devices with updates for about five years where as Samsung just now started with three years on only their newer phones. Besides price are there particular reasons why you’re considering Android?

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