I have been trying to find the answer on the internet and it's a little confusing. Rogers said they no longer accept new activation for use on GSM devices about a year or two ago, meaning existing customers can still use it. They also announce that their end of life for GSM is Dec 2020 (so another 5 months).

The official Speakout Wireless Canada website says UMTS/HSPA phones, on the part about compatible devices. The unofficial website says GSM phones work but that might be outdated info. I also checked their forum and didn't find anything.

I have a bunch of a mix of new and old GSM only phones and want to set up a lowest spending prepaid set of phones for seniors to use or as backup use. Normally SpeakOut would have the lowest spending per month among all the prepaid providers in Canada, and they used to support GSM only devices. So that is the reason why I am on this quest.

If new activation would not work, would existing account / line work? If so, I might be looking for existing active accounts to buy over then.

Thanks in advance for any insights.