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Thread: Farewell to Sprint

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    Farewell to Sprint

    This article from the Kansas City Star popped up on my mobile news feed and I thought it was a good read and woth sharing.


    A couple points that stood out:

    A former Sprint executive admits that they were always focused on Verizon and AT&T, viewing Tmobile as a tertiary player who didn't figure into Sprint's larger corporate strategy.

    Verizon, touted themselves as the best network, Tmoble had the best pricing, AT&T had Iphone exclusivity, but Sprint had difficulty developing their own identity and giving people a reason to choose them over the other 3.

    Reading the article was a little sobering because one can really see the decline of a once iconic company. I remember when Sprint released the HTC Evo Wimax 4G and I was a little envious, when comparing it to my own Droid X, but a lot of people always mention Sprint's betting on Wimax, over LTE, along with its merger with Nextel, as a big reason for its decline.

    If anything it is a good example that no company can ever rest on past successes and must always be working to innovate.

    On the flip side, I have to give Tmobile, and former CEO John Legere a lot of credit as well. They were, at one point, a distant 4th player, behind #3 Sprint, in the wireless industry and combined some astute marketing, brand differentiating, and money and Spectrum from AT&T (after the failed merger) to turn a struggling company into a dominant 3rd player.

    A few years ago, I heard a lot of online ramblings from bloggers that Deutch Telcom, Tmobile's corporate parent, was hoping to unload them and exit the US wireless market. Now, Deutch Telcom seems to want to keep them and recognizes that TMobile contributes immensely to their bottom line.

    I remember companies like Blockbuster, KB Toys, and Toys R US and can understand the sadness that comes from seeing a successful company fade away, but I'm excited to see if Tmobile will continue to innovate and how the wireless industry may change in the next 1-3 years.

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    It is funny you mention Blockbuster, since now Dish owns Boost and Blockbuster corporate entitiy became Sling.

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    I had a WiMax phone, it was horrible. You had to manually activate the modem and it was suggested that you remain in one location while using the service.

    I did enjoy Clear (WiMax). It was an excellent high speed mobile alternative to broadband ($40 a month for unlimited).

    I recall when Sprint 4G was rolling out in my city. It was a nightmare. My phone would bounce between 3G and 4G and kill the battery. The transition to LTE was even worse. When I switched to T-Mobile it was like night and day. I walked away from Sprint and never looked back.

    Way back in the old days I enjoyed putting a Boost SIM into my Blackberry. While most people just dreamed of internet access on their phone I recall surfing the net, using email, and reading news (with Opera Mini) all for $10 a month - unlimited. Crystal clear iDen call quality on that old Blackberry too.

    I eventually abandoned the crackberry when learning of the Verizon quick2net loophole for free unlimited data. Ah, the good old days of hacking phones. Lots of fun.

    The Nextel purchase really hurt Sprint as well.

    The limitations of CDMA (no data and voice at the same time) were also horrible. If you were on a call and needed to get info from an email, it wasn't possible without losing the call. GSM was superior.

    Lots of fond (and not so fond) memories of the old days.

    Goodbye Sprint!

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    I used Sprint for six years. In the pre-iPhone days they had the best selection of smart phones without having to special order European or Asian phones. Sprint also didn't lock down basic functions like GPS and Bluetooth like AT&T and Verizon were notorious for at the time. Palm Treo and HTC Touch Pro on the Sprint SERO plan was the best open secret in the industry for a time. Sprint had a lot of internal issues, but to the everyday consumer they were just another phone company with subpar rural coverage with better perks for what you were paying for (unlimited data, anymobile anytime, etc). If I'm not mistaken, they were the only carrier with unlimited data for a couple years when Verizon and AT&T were pushing data share plans and T-Mobile was hard throttling at 10GB.

    Sprint was never the innovator, but they were needed for competition's sake. I don't agree with this merger and still don't think it was good for the consumer, but people much more powerful than I decided otherwise.

    We broke up some years ago, but you're the ex I can still look back on with some fond memories.

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    I had mixed emotions yesterday driving by a Sprint store and seeing a banner that was 25% Sprint and 75% T-Mobile. Selling Boost really kept the phone stores I ran alive for years longer than they would have under Cricket. And Sprint really looked for discounts and ways to save people money on their bill. But the way things worked internally showed that things couldn't last. Making prepaid work similar to postpaid and WiMax doesn't get enough of the blame pie for bad decisions made by Sprint. And the number of Nextel people that they drove away was really telling. But despite bad decision making, Sprint's prepaid and postpaid divisions really helped a lot of people to get phones when the needed most, as well as a lot of small business owners as to keep their shops going.

    On their own, Sprint and T-Mobile were never going to catch up to Verizon or AT&T. Unless you were going to break up those companies, they'd likely stay 1 and 2 for decades to come. But we're in the "new normal" so we'll see how it goes. But it's still good to reminisce about walkie talkies, Blackberrys and Palm phones in the good old days.

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    Sprint is a venerable name. Comes from "Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Network Telecommunications". Started with the telegraph lines running by the train tracks, later evolved with new technology, then started being used for a long distance telephone network to rival AT&T. My perspective comes from being a big rail fan, especially Southern Pacific.

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    Farewell to Sprint

    Just a bit on Sprint’s technology. In the early 2000’s they had the fastest mobile internet, it was called Power Vision, EVDO or 3G speeds while other carriers were doing Edge and 1xRtt. They also had the first Camera Phones with Picture Mail. And a Sprint Mobile Broadbands Card was far superior to what the other providers offered.

    About their core, they built the first All Digital Network. While that may no longer useful today they were way ahead of the other operators who were still using circuit switches networks.

    They also had roaming agreements with everybody and very generous roaming allotments. The story was you could buy Sprint so you could set your phone to roam on Verizon.

    After the Nextel Merger was when things stopped improving.

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