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Thread: FreeUp blocks SMS from some phone numbers

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    FreeUp blocks SMS from some phone numbers

    I use GV and have it forwarding SMS to 4 phone numbers - FreeUp, Visible, TextNow and TruPhone.

    For over a week, Iíve noticed that my FreeUp number hasnít been receiving my Condo alerts (Condo PSAs, package notices). All the other 3 phone numbers are receiving my Condo alerts.

    I get an average of 10 Condo alerts per day. Iím assuming that FreeUp has a system thatís detecting frequent SMS senders and sort of marking them as spam.

    Anyone noticed something similar?

    Itís no big deal to me that FreeUp blocks my Condo alerts since I still see the alerts via GV and TextNow (without having to look for my TruPhone/Visible phones) and because my free FreeUp plan only has 250 SMS.

    Interesting, FreeUp doesnít block my Chicago transit alerts even though I also get a lot of SMS per day.

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    first try checking your data settings and see if they are correct - also try reading the FAQs about the text messages -

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