What is the best, not too expensive, phone I can use for RTMP streaming?

I'm currently using an old Nexus 5 (2013 - just using it for wifi) and the RTMP Camera app to stream to a local nginx rtmp server that I can then pull up in OBS. The Nexus 5 works, I'm just wondering if there's something better I can use that's not too expensive.

Are there any sub $100 (as in on eBay) phones that have an optical zoom? Or how cheap can a quality camera with optical zoom be had for?

I'm needing Android because I'm using RTMP Camera to stream the video and scrcpy to access the phone's screen remotely to control zoom level.

I picked up some Motorola E5 Play phones a year or so ago for cheap. These work great as sort of mini tablets. On a whim I tried one of the E5's for this project and the video is clearer and the zoom is much better than the Nexus 5. Unfortunately I've kind of got the E5's in use on another project. But that got me thinking, maybe there's something better than an E5. Looking around, it looks like the Galaxy S20 might be the top level, it's way too expensive for this project.

I'd kind of like to stay around $100 for this project, maybe $150. Because I'm only using the WiFi part, it really doesn't matter if the phone is locked to any carrier.

I've tried various phone finder websites, but can't find anything that filters based on having optical zoom or not.

And optical zoom may not even be necessary, the Nexus 5 doesn't have optical zoom. I just thought if I'm going to upgrade the camera for this project, optical zoom would certainly help. But I'm not sure if it's within the budget. I know my budget won't get me anything high end, but I'm really just looking to beat the Nexus 5 quality.