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Thread: PureTalkUSA eliminating their low tier plan

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    PureTalkUSA eliminating their low tier plan

    I received this email:

    hank you for being a loyal Pure TalkUSA customer. This email is to notify you that your current Simple500 plan with 500 minutes will be eliminated. Effective on your first monthly bill renewal date after 08/01/2020, the Simple500 Plan is being upgraded to our new $20 per month plan that includes Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, and 2GBs of data.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Your new plan costs $7.05 more per month than your existing plan so we will be applying a bill credit of $84.60 to your account on 08/01/2020. This is equal to your rate increase for 12 months.

    Your Current Plan:
    500 minutes for $12.95 per month

    Your New Plan:
    Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and 2GB of Data for $20 per month

    It's a shame they're closing this plan. I don't understand the business sense of it. I'm just going to switch to something else. Maybe a lot of users were running out of minutes and giving CS a hard time.

    In any case they deserve credit for the advance notice and the credit they are applying.

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    I'm sure it was a financial decision, but a foolish one in my humble opinion. They're going to loose the customers who only need 500 voice minutes and 500 texts and little data. That's why I'm currently with the RP 500/500/500 plan at $12.06/mo. And even that is more than I need. I'm considering switching to the H2O paygo plan.
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