Overview of 4GEE Home router 2 Alcatel HH70B

Billed as the 4GEE Home Router, this is a Category 7 LTE device which, when connected to EE’s superfast 4G network, promises real-world download speeds of 90Mbps for up to 32 devices. On paper, hardware with Cat 7 radios will give you up to 300Mbps, but we all know that in reality you're never going to get that, especially with loads of devices connected at once.

It’s not so much the router but the antenna that makes EE’s new offering such a game changer.

It finally allows the router to be placed in a more suitable location, rather than the more likely scenario of putting it on a windowsill on whatever side of the property with the best signal. A rather dodgy location given the very real risk of harm on hot, sunny days.

Obviously 4G antennas have been available to buy just as long as routers, and there are various installers that will come and do a professional job without having to sign up to an EE plan, but EE is offering the antenna and fitting for a fixed £99 fee, with the additional promise of a full refund (less £10) if it doesn’t live up to expectations.

You would be hard pushed to get an antenna for that money, let alone find someone willing to fit it. And good luck trying to get your money back if it doesn’t work out.

The router supports dual-band Wi-Fi with 802.11ac, but the antennas are internal so won’t likely perform as well as some of the more sophisticated routers on sale. That said, placed alongside my existing Asus ADSL router, the performance at the other end of my house (and it should be noted that it’s a modern new build home, so hardly huge) was not noticeably different.

2.4GHz Wi-Fi will of course carry itself further, but you’ll then be at risk of reducing throughput if you’re lucky enough to get a very fast 4G connection.

On the 4G side, the router supports Cat 7 LTE, meaning it will top out at 300Mbps down and 100Mbps up.

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