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Thread: Legacy Voice was easier for my needs

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    Oh! That's bad! I do currently have a ring schedule on 2 of my GV #s.

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    Here's a question about a displayed feature in the newer (current) GV interface:

    I've got three Android handsets I rotate usage with GV listed in Settings.

    Two of them show under "My Devices". The fourth shows under "Linked Numbers".

    The function is the same. I wonder why the difference.

    Oh! I just answered my own question! That fourth phone does not have the GV app installed, so the newer interface makes the distinction that way, showing it as only a Linked Number.

    Decided to leave this posted since it's one of those little things that could come up later for someone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boz1 View Post
    GVoice Callback

    BUT...despite using it less than a week ago:

    "2020-05-29 The app is currently defunct, as Google now blocks logins from embedded browsers."
    Good news!

    GVoice Callback is currently working again! I just used it to successfully place a call.

    I did have to re-login to my Google account, but after doing that, it worked!

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