Overview of Telstra 4GX WiFi ( ZTE MF910Y )

4G LTE 700, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600 MHz with 150Mbps download
3G UMTS 850, 900, 2100 MHz with 42Mbps data (HSPA+)
SIM Card Micro SIM card (3FF)
Operating System Proprietry
Display 1.5" Colour LCD display
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 802.11 (2.4GHz only) b/g/n. Up to 10 users
External Antenna port Dual TS9 antenna ports for Rx Diversity
Battery 2000 mAh Li-ion, non user-replaceable
Size & weight 104 x 64.5 x 14mm. 120g
Network Lock Locked to Telstra
SAR 1.845 W/Kg in the body position with 5mm spacing

Key Features
LTE 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot supports up to 10 users
LTE download speeds up to 150Mbps
Up to 7 hours operating time
Supports the super fast LTE 700 4GX Telstra network

Unlock Telstra 4GX WiFi ZTE MF910Y to be used on any supported provider such as:

Vodafone, Claro, O2, Digicel, Telcel, Orange, Telenor, Optus, Tele2, Rogers, Fido, Chatr, Bell, MTS, Virgin, OTR, Telus, Koodo, Telstra, AT&T, Mobilicity, Sprint, Everything Everywhere, etc

How to unlock Telstra 4GX WiFi ( ZTE MF910Y )

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