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Thread: MVNO Redpocket memorial day deals

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    MVNO Redpocket memorial day deals

    Redpocket is doing a special discount right now:

    You can pick GSMA sim for ATT, GDMAS for Sprint, GSMT for t-Mobile, or CDMAV for Verizon

    $5 500MB LTE 500 TALK 500 TEXT

    $7.5 1GB LTE 1000 TALK Unlimited TEXT

    $9.5 3GB LTE Unlimited TALK and TEXT

    $15 8GB LTE Unlimited TALK and TEXT

    $20 30GB LTE Unlimited TALK and TEXT

    1- Go to Redpocket

    2- order (free shipping)

    3- activate

    They also offer yearly plans on eBay

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    Deal is only for the first month.

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    The yearly plans on ebay are very good deal. I bought these two:

    Unlimited Talk & Text, 5GB LTE data for $209.99 (was $240)

    Unlimited Talk & Text, 20GB LTE data for $309.99 (Was $360, and for 15GB LTE data). This one is only good on AT&T and Sprint phones. My college aged son had the 5GB deal and it never lasted more than 3 weeks. Even with making sure he doesn't have auto-updates on cellular and other usual bandwith-saving tricks, he still blows through the data. Unfortunately the free wi-fi on campus is atrocious.

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