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Thread: Suddenly CAnnot Send Or Receive Photos Samsung J7 Sky Phone

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    Suddenly CAnnot Send Or Receive Photos Samsung J7 Sky Phone

    I have this phone with the latest software updates and using TracFone. Suddenly, I can only send and receive text messages only. Cannot send or receive photos or photos attached to text messages. Spoke to Samsung who tried to help. We reset the phone settings - did not solve it. Samsung went through my settings with me and could not find anything wrong. Nosed around the Internet - nothing Samsung related helped although none mentioned the J7.

    Samsung seemed to the it is a TracFone issue. The APN I am using is VZWINTERNET.

    Can anyone help me,

    Otrman AKA Henry

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    do you have data turned on ??

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    Check the APN settings again. One comma out of place, wrong cap could screw up MMS. If not try different APN settings.
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