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Thread: [APP][FREE] IQ Test Preparation

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    [APP][FREE] IQ Test Preparation

    The IQ Test Preparation app tests you on verbal and linguistics ability, mathematics, logical reasoning, spatial reasoning aptitude, intellectual knowledge, and more. Your IQ score is calculated based on the number of questions you answered correctly, their difficulty, and your age. IQ Test app is used for both kids and adults which would calculate your IQ level after you complete the IQ Test Quiz.

    Why should you Test your IQ?

    An IQ test is used to show how intelligent you are in relation to other people. IQ Tests determine your thinking capabilities, logical reasoning skills, and mental thinking capabilities. The IQ Quiz simply tells you if you have solved the tasks better or worse than the average. So do not take the IQ that seriously, just test how you cut off compared to others!

    Features of the IQ Test Preparation 2020 App:

    1. Simple and Easy to use User Interface

    2. Detailed Explanation for each question to clear your doubts

    3. Answers are displayed at the end of each test to help you improve

    4. Practice before attempting a test with our Free Practice Test with detailed solutions

    5. Advanced Tests that guarantee your IQ building

    6. Join Daily, Weekly and Monthly Challenges and compete with others around the world

    7. Solve the daily challenges to give your logical reasoning skills a boost

    8. See your rankings and motivate yourself to improve your IQ level

    9. App is free to use. Test your IQ Level for Free with this IQ Test Preparation 2020 App

    Download via App store:

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    Three more apps for IQ test prep:

    • IQ boost
    • IQ Test Pro Edition
    • Mensa Brain Training

    On my reading list >> Why you should know your IQ? | Scott H Young Scott H. Young

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