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Thread: Stay Connected Discount

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    Quote Originally Posted by elecconnec View Post
    I'm not suggesting you did anything wrong, just that T-Mo probably didn't anticipate the number of people willing to take them up on the offer, and when hordes of customers seemed willing, T-Mo quietly withdrew the offer as fast as they originally made it.

    When any company makes a gesture of goodwill, their bean counters have estimated the anticipated cost/impact. From where the cellular market (and T-Mo's current plan lineup!) is, it's clear that the Powers That Be assume we all want or need unlimited data, since almost every postpaid plan is structured that way.

    The natural cynic in me (that gets me labeled as a "T-Mo hater" here, despite my cynicism being shared across all companies!) initially thought "Very smart move. Make a sincere looking offer that few in their right mind will actually take them up on due to the 3GB limit, and T-Mo can benefit from the PR, help the relatively few people that need help and are willing to submit to the data limit, and lose only a fairly small amount of revenue. Win-win-win."

    But I'm guessing the best laid plans, etc. etc., and T-Mo found significantly more people were willing to move to a limited data plan for 50% off than they originally anticipated so they pulled the plug on the offer to contain the "damage."

    If you look at the thread here, it seems some of you (particularly those who got in early) were given the offer just for asking, while others were told it was only for certain customers, etc. It sounds almost like T-Mo was trying to figure out how to contain it a little before pulling it altogether.

    I considered jumping on it, but I'm glad I didn't. My mom's health has taken a bit of a turn for the worse, so I'm staying with her temporarily to help out, and my T-Mo service is now my primary internet (she's 89 and doesn't own a computer!) and I've already burned through well over 3GB in hotspot data since arriving.

    It may be interesting to see what kind of impact that this offer and the new $15/$25 plans have on the carriers' current mindsets that we all want or need unlimited everything.

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    Nicely put.

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    When I heard about this, one angle that occurred to me was the possibility that TMO may be wanting to try to cut some of the traffic from folks who are at home with wifi but they don't use wifi because they have faster data with mobile or perhaps because they have data caps on home Internet. This might be a trial aimed at reducing demand on mobile data by paying people to not use as much mobile data. It will be interesting to see what may come out after they crunch the numbers on these accounts. I guess that would be in 3 or 4 months, right around the next Day 1, in August maybe?

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