I just saw this phone on MrWhosTheBoss's latest video and honestly the thing packs the absolute best of cutting edge technology and sounds like an absolute monster even having a 144Hz refresh rate!! Yet the price is said to be much cheaper than say Samsungs phones so what's the catch? I know it doesn't do wireless charging, MrWhosTheBoss says the HDR isn't quite there either. It even has 55w charging which probably isn't good for the battery but that's crazy. I guess no water resistance too but really, it's said to be much cheaper than Samsungs though which is my main comparison so like, what's the catch? How can this thing supposedly be much cheaper if its packing some major heat? Its definitely making me question having ordered an s20 Ultra now, maybe I'm just a clown for buying into Samsung but I'm genuinely curious about this ZTE phone.