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Thread: Mindspa – 4UR Mental Wellbeing

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    Mindspa – 4UR Mental Wellbeing

    We help you cope with difficult emotions in order to make your life better.

    In our application you will find resources and tools to familiarize with your emotions, to better understand your needs and to help you focus and to achieve your desires, for your personal life as well as your relationships with others. We provide practical advice and accessible tools to support your mental wellbeing every day.

    In the app you will find:

    - Useful articles, cases and tips;

    - Diary, a psychotherapeutic journal with daily submissions and analytics;

    - Psychosutra, an impressive collection of coping-skills techniques for working with feelings, emotions and specific conditions;

    - Courses, enrollable online programs with psychotherapeutic tasks on dedicated topics

    - Tests, to help you determine which tools are right for you;

    - Emergency, a chatbot simulation to support you in critical situations;

    - And much more...
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    Please use the apps section to post these.

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