Official remote service to unlock Sprint Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, S20 Plus 5G or S20 5G INSTANTLY via USB cable and use it with any SIM on the planet earth. Samsung Galaxy S20 is the latest release by Samsung. It is an advanced 5G phone which has all superb features. Different carrier retailers including Sprint are offering this phone to buy. Its demand is increasing day by day because of its excellent quality camera results, RAM, and other splendid specifications. It has a 64MP camera and offers 3x optical as well as 30x digital zoom. Its 12 GB RAM is enough to support every advanced application and run different programs instantly. It has an internal storage of 128 GB. It is cheaper than other latest Samsung Galaxy S series 5G phones.

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Now, if you have Sprint Samsung Galaxy S20, you may already know about its features but need to unlock it. Unlocking your Sprint Galaxy S20 can be useful for you in different ways. It will remove all the restrictions by Sprint on your phone. You will be able to use any application and any network service on it. Today we will share all the steps to unlock S20 Sprint via USB in a secure way. First, you need to know the advantages of using an unlocked phone.

Why Should you Unlock your Sprint Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, S20 Plus 5G or S20 5G?

Check out all the following benefits to unlock your phone today. We always unlock the phones permanently and use secure ways to complete unlocking process.

  • If you own an unlocked phone, it enables you to use any network on it according to the needs.
  • If you visit different regions from time to time, you can change the network SIM accordingly. No roaming charges will be there if you use any new network on your phone.
  • Your unlocked S20 phone will have higher resell value and higher demand in the markets.
  • An unlocked phone can save a lot of network charges and balance because you have the freedom to use affordable apps offered by different networks. No need to rely on just one network service.

Complete Steps to Unlock Sprint Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, S20 Plus 5G or S20 5G via USB INSTANTLY

Read and follow the steps mentioned below. Your Sprint S20 will be unlcoked in 10 to 20 minutes.

Step 1: At first, visit our unlock page and click on a link to unlock Sprint Samsung Galaxy S20

Step 2: Provide IMEI of your phone. Your phone's IMEI is a 15 digit unique number that will be used to unlock your phone. You can get your phone IMEI by dialing *#06#.

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Step 3: Provide some other necessary details on the input fields. Make sure you also provide your active email to contact you.

Step 4: Now make a secure payment for a fast unlocking process via USB.

Step 5: Once payment is made, one of our technicians will connect with you using a screen share program on the desktop system.

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Step 6: Enable USB Debugging and connect your phone to the PC (Windows only).

Step 7: Please connect with us on the live chat or Facebook

Step 8: It will take a few minutes to unlock your phone by our end. After that, you can use a new SIM card in your unlocked phone.

Now your unlocked phone will accept all network SIM cards. You can insert your new sim and make your first call. This is a permanent and factory unlock - You can update, reset, flash the device, etc. it will remain SIM-FREE Forever.