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Thread: Galaxy s10 won't turn on/charge

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    Lightbulb Galaxy s10 won't turn on/charge

    My s10 won't charge or turn on at all. The device was working really good before this happend, it would charge, turn on, everything worked fine. I let it hit 0% battery one time and when i tried to charge it, nothing happend.

    I've tried holding the power button down for 60 seconds.

    I've tried holding down the volume, power, and bixby.

    I've replaced the battery, that didn't work.

    tried different charging cables, power bricks, outlets, you name it.

    tried connecting it to the computer, nothing.

    It seems like nothing is working, but it's odd because before the battery reaching 0% it worked just fine. I'm super confused on why that would cause any issue.

    If someone could help, that'd be amazing.

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    Maybe they know at XDA Developers.
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    Might have a defective phone. Did you replace the battery yourself or did you take it to a service center? Did you check with your carrier for warranty replacement/repair ?

    One more thought, when you said the battery was at 0% was the phone plugged in for more than a few minutes when you decided it wasn't charging ?
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    Good points. I've had older phones that didn't show they were charging until hours later.

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