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Thread: Switch to Sprint + get $300 MC

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    Switch to Sprint + get $300 MC

    Has anyone signed up for this?

    “Get a $300 prepaid MasterCard when you bring your phone and number to Sprint.”

    I’ve never had a postpaid Sprint account. I’m greatly attracted to this offer because I have a previously Boost iPhone 6 (that Sprint BYOD page says is eligible for this offer) that I want to get domestic and international SIM unlocked. Seems a good way to do it without spending any and actually earning some.

    But I wonder what kind of phone numbers they accept - Google Voice (maybe not because it’s not a carrier?), FreedomPop?

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    Folks are pounding away at this deal. No one will know how strict the enforcement of terms is going to be 90 days from now. Previous promotions have paid off for Google Voice ports but perhaps not this one. You can buy an ATT number for port-in for a couple of bucks. More details (a crazy amount of detail discussion) can be had here:


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