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Thread: Data speed after limit reached

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    Data speed after limit reached

    I've been on the H2O 5GB plan for a couple years. My experience with other MVNOs is that once you reach the data limit on their "unlimited" plans, the data slows to an absolute crawl to where it becomes unusable. I've never reached my limit with H2O but am wondering how the speeds are when you reach your data limit. The website says "Unlimited at up to 128 kbps after LTE Data is used." 128kbps is respectable but it is the high end and actual speed is a lot slower. So is the data speed still serviceable after reaching the limit?

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    Hey, Shobuddy! Your H2O team here!

    On the 128 Kbps speed you should be able to use texting apps and some other apps which do not require high speed data, like browsing on the internet or streaming.

    Jedryk P. Team H2O 1 (800) 643-4926 [email protected]

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    One option is to load a data compressing browser like Opera Mini to help you do most things (except maybe video streaming) faster even with a 128 kbps speed cap.

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