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Thread: Stop receiving emergency alerts

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    I also totally disagree on how these alerts get used or not. The idea is great and most people would agree the idea is great for certain circumstances with better criteria in place. I believe the fault lies in the criteria reqirements that need to be met before an alert gets sent. A typical custody dispute with a child not meeting a "court order" timeframe and a description of a mode of transportation is all thats needed to wake millions of people out of bed a few times/same alert. Without a mode of transportation or vehicle description, an alert can't be sent out. So it would seem to make sense to target only those that are on the roads and maybe only target radio stations with that type of alert as they are the ones in position to have eyes out where needed. Sometimes there needs to be a bit of common sense. It's unfortunate, but these alerts now can be used as an act of revenge to a spouse at everyones expense.


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    You could plug in the earphones or a dummy plug. That would shut up the speaker.
    Like I'm supposed to get out of bed at 3 AM and go look for somebody.
    I turned all my alerts off, and set DND. I do wish Tornado alerts could get through, but they make enough noise, plus all the power lines popping and flashing. One good thing about living in a city.

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