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Thread: Unlocking ATT iPhone

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    Unlocking ATT iPhone

    Does att ever unlock devices that are still on a Next payment plan? I’d like to use the phone for my work line as well, but it’s currently locked to ATT. My work line is Verizon.

    I’ve had the device replaced by Apple due to a cracked rear panel via Apple care if that changes anything.

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    Unlikely. Unless you are active military being deployed oversees, or you have paid off the phone in full.

    But, by all means submit an unlock request via their website. It will either go through or it won’t.

    I haven’t yet tried to unlock a dual SIM device. Not sure if both are lucked.

    All my recent iPhones were purchased unlocked from the Apple store.

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    Device must be paid off in full. I tried to unlock an iPhone X on the live chat, but it was not paid off in full so they refused to unlock it.

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