Now You can find out the Warranty Status of Xiaomi device for free.
Warranty Checker is such helpful option to check the warranty status of Xiaomi devices, before buying a product from 2nd hand.

Xiaomi offers 12 months worth of warranty with its new smartphones. This is typical practice in China, although customers in others regions, such as the European Union may have access to 2 years of this support.
Xiaomi doesn'tt have an International Warranty. It means if you have purchased a product from a country that is different from your own, then your warranty will not be covered in your country.

The report includes:

- country from which Xiaomi comes from
- 2nd IMEI number
- product name
- purchase date of Xiaomi device
- system version for Xiaomi device
- warranty information for Xiaomi device

IMEI 8613050435xxxxx
Product ID 22912
Product Name Mi 9 Lavender Violet 6GB RAM 64GB ROM
IMEI2 861305043xxxxx
SN 22912/29SP01348
FSN 2T917F161944
Delivery Time / Outbond Time 2019-05-29 14:40:29
Activation Time 2019-09-24 12:51:13
Sale fr
Activation Region France

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