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Thread: Cricket recently blocking (or just breaking) IKEv2 VPN?

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    Cricket recently blocking (or just breaking) IKEv2 VPN?

    For a couple years now, I've been happily using ProtonVPN on my iPhone, using IKEv2. In the past two days, IKEv2 hasn't worked on LTE. It connects just fine via WiFi. To get my VPN to connect on LTE, I have to switch over to OpenVPN. I know Cricket has been making changes lately to plans, and their website is down right now, so wasn't sure if this was temporary/accidental, or some sort of new policy. I can use OpenVPN for now, but I'd like to stick with IKEv2 for the better performance and battery savings.

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    try toggling airplane mode off/on then try connecting to the VPN. see this here -

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