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Thread: The Verge's Snarky but Funny Take on the Judge's Ruling...

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    The Verge's Snarky but Funny Take on the Judge's Ruling...

    It almost makes me want to read all 179 pages of it...

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    ...from an idiot who can't even OCR a simple scanned PDF without making a total mess of it.

    Yes, that's exactly who I take my tech news and information from.


    Snarky, yes. Funny? No. "Look at MEEEE!!!!!" screams the millennial. Yawn. Go produce something in the world and earn what you're trying to get. Words on a screen from someone who has no experience other than putting words on the screen? Whatever words you say have no meaning. Good for The Verge for hiring you to bring similarly vacant eyeballs to your page, so you can sell advertising. In the meantime, let the experienced judges of the world do what they have earned their way into doing.

    Your armchair lawyering based on your ability to do nothing more than put words on the screen is, frankly, offensive.

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