My wife and I are both Google Pixel users. I have a 2XL, and she has a 3. We are considering changing providers and getting new phones for various reasons.

  • I would like to be able to stream to Twitch using my phone, so I want to be sure that the phone does not encrypt the HDMI output with HDCP.
  • She has had bad experiences with actual phone usage on her Pixel 3, but otherwise likes the phone.

I am not a fan of the Samsung UI, so the phones that are often recommended don't particularly appeal to me. I prefer stock Android, but I know most phones have some sort of "extras". I would prefer to either buy my phone outright or at least finance independent of my carrier. Not interested in any sort of tricky carrier billing deals that lock you in. I'm considering the OnePlus line, probably the 7T. What else should be on my list?