Hello, my office will be moving to a new location later this year and the building offers only Rogers internet and Beanfield Metroconnect internet. I need help figuring out which is better for us . Our details:

  • 10 staff, +30 guests if we have events
  • We just do office work, some video conferencing, of course some Youtubing
  • I'm guesstimating 400 mbps is good for us, I like the flexibility of going up to 1 gbps if we find 400 mbps is too slow

I like that Rogers offers LTE backup modem on some plans. I worry a lot so the peace of mind is a big plus to me. Beanfield is significantly more expensive too :S. I don't know much about the inter-web and would be thankful for any explanations to differentiate between these two services.

Also, can anyone recommend resellers for either of these? Always appreciate a chance to save a few bucks. Thanks!