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Thread: Yagi Antennas For AT&T Wireless Air Card

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    Yagi Antennas For AT&T Wireless Air Card

    I have searched here for antennas used with wireless air cards and most of what I am seeing is the antenna didn't help and it was a waste of money. What I haven't found, yet, is if anybody here is using a Yagi antenna. A Yagi antenna is directional and similar to some over the air (OTA) television (TV) antennas. Some years back, when I had a work situation where I needed to use a wireless air card, I was given a Yagi antenna to use and it helped quite a bit. I simply pointed the Yagi antenna at the cell phone site and the signal strength indicator went up to four bars.

    Is anybody here using a Yagi antenna with their Netgear Nighthawk or other air card? If so, how much does it help your signal and resulting speeds?

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    No experience myself, but don't forget that the external antenna won't connect if the local tower connection is non-existent and only if there is a minimal connection. Even with 1 or 2 bars of existing signal there is no guarantee of an improved connection. If it doesn't work with At&t, consider a different carrier that does. Just saying.....
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    The biggest bang for the buck is to get the antennas out of the house on on the roof. Some are quite happy getting a power over ethernet adapter for the nightawk, putting them in a water tight box and mounting the box to a pole. The nighthawk has 4 internal antennas that do surprisingly well. The problem with running external antennas is that you are dealing with such little power and microwave frequencies tend lose more energy through the cable than lower frequencies. You need to invest in high quality cables/connectors and keep the runs as short as possible. So even if you go with a set of yagis, your best getting the nighthawk outside and up in the air. May want to focus on the up in the air part first before spending on yagis.

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