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Thread: LG Fiesta2 volume problem

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    Imo the ear piece is dirty (wax). Some speakers you can dig out. GL. YMMV maybe try a plastic toothpick with compressed air.
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    Have you tried enabling HAC (hearing aid compatibility)??..

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    Fiesta 2 volume

    Spent an hour with Tracfone chat last evening--no luck. Esculated the problem and a call back is scheduled for later today. If not resolved will replace the phone. One suggestion was to remove the sim and wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Didn't work but add to the list of things to do.

    Again grealy appreciate the help and the weather report number for testing.

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    What carrier are you using on Tracfone?

    If you are using T-Mobile, I have a couple brand new LG Fiesta 2's that you are welcome to. I just bought them to harvest the minutes/texts/data/service time. They're just collecting dust at this point. Was about to take them to Best Buy to recycle.

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