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Thread: Benefits of rooting?

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    Benefits of rooting?

    I just ordered a MOTO E5 Been using Android "smart" phones for awhile, LG & Samsung, generally OK, except for all the junk they come loaded with, and infuriating rubbish you can't kill, like that automatic turn the sound down "high volume can hurt your hearing" warning, which just drives me nuts. I've read a little about rooting, the pros (access to otherwise hidden/blocked settings/options) and the cons (could break the phone). I see MOTO has a "Bootloader Unlock program," but the E5 apparently is not one of the phones where this is an option Is it generally worthwhile to root a phone? Are the "cons" really likely to occur? Does rooting in any way endanger the Tracfone minutes, etc? The E5 comes with OS 8.1.

    I notice on the MOTO page listing the unlockables, it says "There are many factors as to why a device is or is not unlockable. Carrier exclusive models (ex. Verizon, AT&T, Tracfone) are almost never unlockable."

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    I have rooted every phone I have had and don't like to consider those that are not rootable. I have had a Moto E4, Moto G4, & Moto G6. I can't imagine that the Moto E5 wouldn't qualify for bootloader unlock UNLESS it is a Verizon, AT&T, or one of their MVNO variants.
    Early on, I liked the fact of flashing custom ROMs, but that soon became old because I was always setting up the phone again to my liking. These days, I prefer to root and run the stock ROM with Xposed and Magisk modules to gain extra features. Stock also tends to be the most stable/reliable although there are some very good custom ROMs/developers. Rooting also makes it easy to disable and/or remove bloat. Many of the Moto's tend to have the "Increasing Ringtone feature" that I absolutely can not stand. With root I can change that. There are many personal reasons why you would choose to root.

    Rooting will not affect your Tracfone minutes. But of course, if you don't fully understand what you are doing and blindly flash or remove something thatyou don't fully understand, you can mess your phone up pretty badly. Fortunately, with root, you can install/run a custom recovery that will allow you to make a perfect backup of your phone system/settings, and if you royally screw up, you can restore the backup and EVERYTHING will be exactly how it was.

    Number one rule - READ, READ, READ.

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    @mn1968 excellent advice.
    Let add a couple things. READ, READ, READ, READ, READ, READ, READ, READ, READ, READ, READ, READ.

    And for further knowledge.
    XDA Developers.
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    I used to always root my phones, but it seems like that's going out of style . There are less custom roms and most xposed modules have stopped being updated. Is there a reason why rooting is not so popular anymore ?

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    Never forget that rooting may be an option to achieve your desired circumstances but there is always a risk when the phone is rooted, including "bricking the phone". If it is bricked, you will have a pretty paper weight for your desk. As mentioned in Post #2 and #3, read up before you make any potential changes. Just saying.......
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