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Thread: how do the cellular service brokers work?

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    how do the cellular service brokers work?

    How exactly do the cellular services broker stores work? Are they trying to make profit both by selling devices and selling airtime plans? Do they make something of a contract-like situation with the customers for both the device and or also the selling of airtime services (the allotment of talk, text, data)?

    What I mean by these "Brokers" is those brick-n-morter stores which sell devices and services for several different mobile virtual network operators all in one brick-n-morter store.

    I am trying to understand how to use one for how to put my purchase of a device or where to purchase it, and where or how I must pay for cellular service and change plan types, and if I would be allowed to sometimes pay for service at the store and other times pay for service online to the carrier to which I subscribe. Activations? New lines? Maintaining same line or lines?

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    how do the cellular service brokers work?

    If your wanting to finance a phone that’s not direct through a carrier it’s a big No no. Most cases one would pay say $1500 for a $600 phone as an example. They used 3rd party services when it comes to that and has nothing to do with the service or the store. It’s like a high interest credit card that drafts out of your bank is all it is

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    You'll be hard pressed to have any advantage at a Mom & Pop Bodega type store. If you want an expensive phone as stated it'll be double the price or more at a M&P Bodega if available at all.

    You talked about switching services, payment options etc. If available at a M&P it'll just end up problematic.

    You're better off deciding beforehand what you'll settle for. With all your concerns: phone, service (T,T,D), carrier(s), price points, methods of payments etc. etc.
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