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    Port-In Question

    So... I've had a business number for years which I was operating through a VoIP company. I made the decision a few months back to port this number out to Bell Mobility. When I decided to port, I obtained all the required account information and provided it to Bell Mobility. It took Bell approximately 7 days to port the number due to some delays and the fact the number was classified as a business landline.

    Bell advised when porting landline to mobile, it takes longer as they need to ensure that behind the scenes, all the proper procedures are in place to ensure the exchanges have registered the number accordingly so it does not become problematic when other landlines/mobiles call the number. This all makes sense but here's my question...

    I've now made the decision to port this number from Bell to Freedom Mobile due to an irresistible offer being provided to me. I went in-store to complete the activation and was told the number would port within an hour. This makes sense as this is the typical process but in the end, the number did not port. It's been a nightmare trying to explain and get a correct answer from Freedom Mobile customer support but on my most recent call, I was advised there was a glitch and as such, I must wait 24 - 48 hours for the number to activate. Asking what the "glitch" was, I'm told they are not sure but I see the number is still active on Bell.

    I know Freedom has the correct account info and all relevant details so is this happening due to the fact the number used to be a landline or are delays like this when porting frequent?

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    Matter has been resolved. There was an issue with Freedom Mobile's port division being backlogged due to their promotions. As such, they set an expectation of 24 - 48 hours but I received a call from their back office division who told me it would be up and running by tomorrow early afternoon.

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