Also known as enlarged prostate. I have had it for years with no serious problems although it got to the point where I visited a urologist who prescribed Tamsulosin (Flomax). The Flomax works but I suspect it may be contributing to my mild dizzy spells. This is a common side effect. So I quit taking it and I'm back to visiting the bathroom every half hour, and experiencing the other symptoms of BPH.

I have tried a couple different natural products containing saw palmetto although I saw no results whatsoever using them. Maybe I need to continue with saw palmetto for a longer period of time for it to have any effect.

My doctor said coffee and beer are the two worst beverages for a man with an enlarged prostate and I have quit drinking beer entirely. Coffee on the other hand is not nearly as easy to quit for me. I'm down to one cup in the morning and one in the afternoon from my previous ... well, I didn't count how many cups I drank in the course of a day.

So, are there other men here on HoFo who deal with BPH and how do you treat it?