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Thread: Has anyone tried the page plus app?

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    Has anyone tried the page plus app?

    I just found out that page plus has an app.
    The play store description says you can use it to see your voice, text & data balances, renew date, and refill / renew your account.

    But it's gotten some pretty poor reviews...

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    That app looks just like the other Tracfone apps, but just a little different.

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    Funny I missed this, and has been out for at last a year. App reviews can often be fairly useless. The Tracfone app reviews don't even stay on topic, but ramble on about general service things. I was curious if this app would show phone identity information (IMEI), as PPC usually hides this. Why? The IMEI shows in Tracfone accounts online or in the app. Can a PPC account show inactive phones? If so, how are they identified without a phone number?

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    Don't know if it helps, but when I changed one of my 3G phones to 4G(VoLTE) I asked how long my old phone would show on the account. Was told if it stayed inactive for I think about 30 days it would disappear. It did. If I recall correctly, when it wasn't active it only still showed the nickname I gave it in the account. Their account info even for active phones never shows IMEIs or type of phone. Just the phone number and a nickname if you assigned one.

    On the other hand I've had an inactive Straight Talk HotSpot that's still showing with it's imei for almost a year now.

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