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Thread: TF Moto G6 Bluetooth quit working

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    1. The replacement phone should have the ability to get the 9.0 update, I should think.

    2. I sincerely hope that you try the BBB and don't be too bashful. You are entitled to question the transaction. The cases appear on the BBB website (with personal details removed). Tracfone wants to put their best foot forward and show that they can make things right. Good practice being a squeaky wheel because it's not in person. You are probably a good letter-writer.

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    I am sure the phone will update to 9.0 if given time, and you want to do it over WIFI because it is big. You have to install all the previous security updates before 9.0 is offered. unless you do it via USB, and the USB update can be a little intimidating.
    Tracfone has a Device Pulse app that I believe is built in to the Phone and gives some information including an estimate of "Battery Health" that might indicate the quality of the one you have.
    In Android settings the Battery menu item can show apps that may be a problem if the battery is sound.

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