I access HoFo largely via the mobile website, generally using a Nougat-based phone or an Amazon Fire tablet (2016 HD 8, which has an Android variant OS based on Lollipop 5.1.1).

On the phone I've got Chrome and Naked Browsers (latest versions), and on the tablet the native Silk browser (very similar to Chrome) and Naked Browser.

Ever since the server change there has been a very noticeable wrinkle in page loads, with kind of an intermediate state where it seems the browser is struggling to make a final rendering of the page, especially once you get to the thread level.

For instance, you go to the U.S. Prepaid/MVNO area, click the TracFone sub-forum and see the list of threads (noticing some intermediate text displaying briefly - maybe this is HTML text or something), but trying to open a thread, it may flash the "raw" text, but just stops at a blank white page. You can try a page refresh/reload, but it never gets where it needs to be.

I should clarify that in the early days of this HoFo server change there seemed to be widespread issues of this shared by quite a few members.

Also, I should say that currently the problem seems to affect mostly Naked Browser on the Fire tablet. Chrome and Naked have no problem on the phone, and I just installed Chrome on the tablet to test, and it also has no problem there. Silk on the tablet generally had not been giving problems, but I just had a stretch where it hung too, but it cleared up enough for me to use it to make this entry.

Oh, and I also tried Opera Mini and Lightning browsers on the tablet. Same problem - no final rendering of the thread-level text.

Only good old Chrome works on both devices without a hitch.

I know a large percentage of members use an app for access here, but for those who remain old school using a mobile browser, I'm just trying to get a feel for others possibly having the same issues as I'm finding.

Thanks for hanging in for the long read.