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Thread: problems with port of landline to cell phone

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    problems with port of landline to cell phone

    Hello all: a friend who uses a Bell MTS cell service recently ported his landline number to his cell, replacing his old cell number.

    Problem is that some of his online services that use a cell number for security verifications, do not recognise his new cell number (which was his landline) as a cell number... One of his online services worked but the other 2 nogo.

    Question is how long does it take for the cell system in nortth america to "know" that a phone number is now a valid cell number??? We waited a week but still no go. Or does he have to contact Bell to trigger something???


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    It's possible the services sending text messages are looking up the original phone number for validation. If that's the case, there's nothing you or Bell can do.

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