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Nope, not at all. I was just in LA in November and service was great. Even in Malibu at an air bnb we were at it was great.

My cousin with Verizon however was having frustrations with congestion.

I've never once missed AT&T and I was with them for 10 years and an extreme loyalist. What Legere and company were/have/will do though, was too compelling to pass up.

Back then I got a $1000 for switching over and discounted phones... INSANE!!!

The only thing even remotely concerning for me these days might be congestion, due to T-Mobile meteoric rise. Still though, with my grandfathered plan there is no one else who's a better fit for me and my family.

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Yeah congestion can be frustrating at times but that should get better as time passes as more spectrum is utilized and more upgrades etc

I hope the uncarrier movement doesn’t disappear completely. I know they won’t be in super growth mode like before but at least staying more consumer friendly would be nice.