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Thread: Samsung Note 9 likes to hang on to LTE Band 25

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    Samsung Note 9 likes to hang on to LTE Band 25

    Any idea why a Samsung Note 9 would prefer 15 MHz of Band 25 LTE over CA or any other 20 MHz LTE bands??

    This happens a lot in Winnipeg. Very bizarre. Even when I'm using data it likes to hang on this specific band. Then it will eventually change back to band 2/4/7 with CA.

    It likes to idle on band 25 a lot too.

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    Cell priorities are defined by the network. Phones should follow network instructions.

    B25 on Rogers is most likely just MFBI of B2. If B2 has the highest priority, your phone should camp on it in idle mode, and select B2 for PCC in connected mode.

    I can't explain why you're on B25 instead of B2.

    Can you identify the EARFCN for B2 and B25 in Winnipeg?
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    Is your phone a Canadian variant?
    The scenario I could see is that the default search order for the phone has B25 before B2. Then, as Sheytoon mentioned, it would see B25, read the SIBs, and note that "B25" (which is actually B2 with MFBI) is the highest priority band set by the network.

    From what I recall, all actual PCS G block (non overlapping part of Band 25) is owned by Bell/Telus in the west.

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