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Thread: Not able to add a line without changing old plan

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    Not able to add a line without changing old plan

    So I have the simple choice plan and I want to add a line to my account to get the note 10 5g. Customer care told me to go to a store, get a sim then call them back to add the line but I’m at the store now and they’re saying my plan must change to add a line even though I’ve been told I can have up to 10 lines on this plan. Any help you can give me is appreciative. Thanks

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    Not sure if this helps but when we add lines we call tmobile, and they set up the new line, send us an activated sim card and we pop it into any phone and thats it. We have the original simple choice. I think we can have 10 voice lines and 5 tablets. So far we have 6 voice and 2 tablets. Buy the phone outright from Samsung and **** Tmobile and their stupid reps. All they want is to switch our plans to the more expensive plans. The company has changed for the worse and ive been so fed up with them. If my parents were not on the same family plan I would go to Verizon. Tmobile is no longer the uncarrier like they claim to be. This merger was is no ones favor except for Tmobile. Just my 2 cents.

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    When on a grandfathered plan you just have to be diligent when you interact with a rep and let them know that you know your stuff, so please don't try it.

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