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Thread: 5 GB of Free Data Available from Bell

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    Post 5 GB of Free Data Available from Bell

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    Here's an FYI from a helpful person on RFD:

    Hey so I just thought I'd share this because I didn't see it posted anywhere...

    I was speaking to Bell loyalty department and was offered an additional 5 GB free to the $65/10 GB plan (that used to be $60) from last year.

    It is not a limited time only as the agent actually switched the plan to a $65/15 GB loyalty BYOD plan. So same cost per month with 5 additional GB of data ongoing.

    Took only about 5-10 minutes and is definitely worth the phone call for those of you on that original plan from last year. I'm not sure if Rogers or Telus would offer the same.

    Good luck!
    To be clear, this would seem to apply to Bell's holiday miracle plan from December, 2017. And according to iPhone in Canada Rogers did already offer a similar deal to their customers, but the extra data was only good for two years. Bell's data bonus seems to be permanent.

    Like the OP on RFD says, good luck!

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    Too bad Bell couldn't give me a deal when I switched earlier this year!

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