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Thread: Best Price for Wearable Data Plan?

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    Best Price for Wearable Data Plan?

    Hi - anyone know if there is any grandfathered feature around wearable data plans.

    I feel like $10/month for data on Apple Watch is too much. If it were $5 i would jump.

    Any thoughts. I do have hookup discount so was thinking of jumping on it for $8/month but I don't use it as much - ugh - debating.

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    To me, $10/month doesn't seem like much. What is more costly is that you need to be on a postpaid plan to even get a line for an Apple Watch. So I'm paying $80/month when I was paying $40/month before on prepaid for my phone (not unlimited, true, but more data than I needed).

    I'm just paying for some piece of mind. What if there is an emergency, and my phone is not with me or is dead?
    iPhone 11 is my current primary phone. I have older model iPhones and Moto phones available on other lines. Trying to simplify to 2 prepaid lines, one on the Verizon network and a limited minute plan on ATT to improve coverage area. 12 month plans to help me fight the urge to switch. The good old days of contracts where you had to pay a hefty ETF to leave

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