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Thread: Best Price for Wearable Data Plan?

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    Best Price for Wearable Data Plan?

    Hi - anyone know if there is any grandfathered feature around wearable data plans.

    I feel like $10/month for data on Apple Watch is too much. If it were $5 i would jump.

    Any thoughts. I do have hookup discount so was thinking of jumping on it for $8/month but I don't use it as much - ugh - debating.

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    To me, $10/month doesn't seem like much. What is more costly is that you need to be on a postpaid plan to even get a line for an Apple Watch. So I'm paying $80/month when I was paying $40/month before on prepaid for my phone (not unlimited, true, but more data than I needed).

    I'm just paying for some piece of mind. What if there is an emergency, and my phone is not with me or is dead?
    iPhone 11 is my current primary phone. I have older model iPhones and Moto phones available on other lines. Currently prepaid, though would consider postpaid on right plan.

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