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Thread: New "smartsim" service from Tracfone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loboheeler View Post
    When Sprint folds by the merger or bankruptcy, it's spectrum is fairly worthless by anybody else.
    The only spectrum I feel comes closest to being worthless would be Sprint’s SMR holdings. They are the only ones using that and it would take more effort to repurpose than the rest of Sprint’s holdings.

    The PCS holdings in some markets could be really valuable. Obviously the BRS holdings are what T-Mobile is banking on; if Sprint does go under through bankruptcy both AT&T and Verizon would jump at a chance to take that spectrum out of T-Mobile’s grasp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loboheeler View Post
    For the last couple of years here they have been mostly using B4/66 and the signal is rarely better than -105dBm.
    Interesting. Just checked sitting here at work.

    Sprint's spectrum would just be added to devices for whoever bought it. New bands is all.

    And many devices are already capable, just a tweak to use it.

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