I have reached out to VZ online chat and slow is the transcript of my chat:

Verizon: Thank you for contacting the Verizon Wireless Chat Team. To better assist you please enter your question below.

ME: Why is my double data not showing?

Sandrakay: Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless care, your agent is Sandra-Kay.

Sandrakay: I am sorry to hear that you are not seeing your double data promo. Let me take a look at what may have caused that.

ME: ok, thanks

Sandrakay: I was able to check your account and is not seeing where the double data promotion was not added to the account and i do apologize about that. what i can have done is to have an alert added to the account so everyone can see that's whenever your data is running low we can have your other gb added for you. Would that be okay?

ME: NO. I do not understand what you mean by that. I didn't get it last month either. When I noticed it and contacted customer service, I was given an additional 400mb until the new cycle started.

ME: This is a scam if you ask me

Sandrakay: ...

Sandrakay: I definitely do understand that you were told that before and i do apologize about you chatting or calling in about the same thing each month, however i took it upon myself to have you enrolled manually so taht it can be applied to teh account each month going forward.

ME: I would like it to reflect now, before my 8gb of data runs out.

ME: AT&T has a prepaid plan for $25/month, 8gb. that's $300/year

ME: I am not sure if we took the step before to have the notation added to the account before so that others can be aware of the extra gigs you should be receiving, however I have now added the notation to the account so if it is a case where you are running low they will know the amount of gigs that you should get.

ME: A note doesn't fix it. I shouldn't have to call you to add it at the end of the month. What is the point of the promotion then??

ME: The double data promotion is added by Verizon's system automatically, I am seeing where you still have your full gigs on the account, the only way it gives us an option to have gigs added to a customer account is when the gigs are running low. If i had the power to trust me Dineji i would definitely do that because you do deserve it for being with us.

ME: Why wasn't it added a few days ago then when I ran out of data? why did I get just 400MB??

Sandrakay: .

ME: also AT&T has unlimited data for $50, what you charge for $8GB
Sandrakay: I am still with you. I am checking on some information for you Dimeji.

Sandrakay: May i have a moment please?

Sandrakay: .

Sandrakay: I am still with you thank you for your patience!

ME: ok

Sandrakay: i was trying to see if there is an option that we have so you can get the 8gb now and i do apologize about it Dimeji I was not getting the option.

ME: What is your customer service number? I need to speak to a speak to a supervisor

Sandrakay: The double data promotion was not enrolled before and i made sure it was added to the account for you and though its not giving me the option to have the 8gb added today I am 100% certain you can get the gigs when your data is running low and you will get the gigs you desire.

Sandrakay: Our customer service number is 888-294-8604 or 800-922-0204.

ME: Regardless I should be compensated for previous months of not receiving my data

Sandrakay: As i do understand that it was to be added before and we did not have it done I do apologize about it.

Sandrakay: I was able to have the notation added to the account so you can get your gigs added.