This is a List For iOS jailbreak apps on iOS 12.4 jailbreak, Best Cydia tweaks you can have after you jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device.

With the public release of iOS 13 right around the corner, the iOS 12 jailbreak is set to climax very soon as security researchers shift their efforts toward the newer firmware. With that in mind, we thought we’d take this wonderful opportunity to get you a huge list but enough information is provided briefly for each Cydia tweaks.

Cask Jailbreak Tweak

This is a cool tweak that brings animation into your table view while you scroll downward and upward

Smooth Cursor

As the name suggests brings a smooth animation while you’re typing in notes instead of jumping forward while you type letter by letter.

Flame Jailbreak iOS 12.4 Tweak

This is one of the powerful jailbreak tweaks iOS 12.4 for Cydia, this gives you many options in Cydia in order to work better. Let me tell you about one option, if you click the edit in the sources section and add a source, you get a new popup.

Nice Notes Cydia Tweak

This Jailbreak tweak can be used to put your notes apps into dark mode.

Tweak Count 2

It provides you with swipe actions, as you swipe a package to the left side, it’ll show you some colorful actions to perform related to install the tweak, deleting, reinstall and queue the tweak, etc.


Cylinder brings some nice animated scrolling effects you can play .


HomeGesture is one of the best ios 12.4 jailbreak tweaks, this brings iPhone X gestures to the older devices. For instance, you can get multitasking by swipe up and you can open the control center with the swipe down from the upper right corner of your device.

Power Selector

A handy tweak for iOS 12.4 jailbreak which comes with toggle for the control center.

Colour Badges

A great new and one of the awesome jailbreak tweaks iOS 12 Color Badges tweak shows you the notifications on apps icon with the same color the app’s icon has.

Dark Messages Jailbreak Cydia Tweak

It brings a dark mode to your messaging applications. If you use messaging apps a lot then you can enjoy a different look using Dark Messages.

Clean Home screen

The clean home screen is another one of the best iOS 12.4 jailbreak tweaks that removes all icons’ labels which makes your device look clean.

Lock Plus Pro

This is another great one of jailbreak tweaks iOS 12.4 which allows you to change the lock screen by just a click of a button. This requires a repo which is available here.

Small Siri Free Unc0ver Tweak

It shows an audio wave when you speak and move around your screen every time. it expands when it provides you with the information, otherwise just stays there at the top or bottom which you can choose from the settings.

Don’t Kill My Music

It allows you to prevent music application from being closed. For example, you are playing the music, if you close the applications from multiwindow this tweak will prevent that specific app or apps from being closed.

Custom Lock

This allows you to change the lock sound on your device, this is what your device produces when you unlock/lock it.


If you want to install themes, you have to download SnowBoard, it’s free and comes under this repo. Y

40- Folder Colour

This allows you to change the folder colours on iOS, you can change the folder name, colour, folder application, folder icon, folder background. The change takes effect on all the folders on your device. It is free and comes under BigBoss repo.


The in our list of best free iOS 12.4 tweaks is ColorBoard, as the name suggests, it changes the color of your keyboard depending on which app you’re using.