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Thread: If no KEY3, what will you get?

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    Question If no KEY3, what will you get?

    Anyone have a handset in mind for their next upgrade? My K2 is in pretty rough shape, so I'm trying to figure out what I'll do if/when they officially announce no K3.

    I came across the new Motorola RAZR the other day - I'm not one to hop on the foldable display bandwagon, but it looks like a really cool concept.

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    IF I had to pick a new phone with no new BlackBerry Key-whatever phone coming, the first step is that I'll use my Moto Z2 Force with the Prototype Keyboard Mod I bought on eBay for it.

    2nd option would be to order the F(x)tec Pro1. It's the # 2 option due to having a curved glass screen (brings up bad memories of my PRIV that shattered when dropped) and the keyboard might actually be TOO large.
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