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T-Mobile: “The first and only nationwide 5G network.”

It's a start. This isn't the finished product by any means. I do think though TMobile opens themselves up to harsher criticism than their competitors, due to their, sometimes questionable, advertising claims. If you are going to claim Nationwide coverage (and remember, the average customer doesn't know that it only takes 200mil covered to claim Nationwide, they hear Nationwide they assume they are covered) and faster speeds (again, the average consumer has no clue what 5x5 or 10x10 channels mean, they just know TMobile said they will have faster speeds), it opens you up to criticism when people don't get what they felt was advertised to them. TMobile isn't the only carrier who does this, but, they are the loudest, and get the loudest criticism because of it. Overall though, not a bad start.


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