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Thread: Activation Fees Start Today on Freedom Mobile

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    Post Activation Fees Start Today on Freedom Mobile

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    If you're thinking of activating a line on Canada's Freedom Mobile network there's something you should know. From Mobile Syrup:

    “Starting Tuesday, December 3, Freedom Mobile will be charging a one-time connection fee for all new activations on our network. As the digital expectations of our customers continue to evolve, Freedom Mobile is committed to continuously improving the quality of our wireless network to provide better coverage to connect more and more Canadians. Charging a one-time activation fee will allow us to fund further network improvements and explore transformative technology.”
    I wouldn't fault anyone for being upset about this on principle alone—it's a move you'd expect from the Big Three, not from Freedom. But I myself am not yet convinced that the sky's falling, for two reasons. First, SIM cards are now free (I believe they used to be $25 with BYOD) and second, iPhone in Canada is reporting the that fees are waived if you activate online:

    Hardware upgrades: $0
    Online activations or upgrades: $0
    Postpaid activations: $20 (charged on first bill)
    Prepaid activations: $10 (charged on first top-up)

    Waiting for a SIM in the mail is certainly less convenient than activating in-store, but at least there's a way to avoid the extra fee if you're dead-set against paying it.

    Sources: iPhone in Canada, Mobile Syrup
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    The caveat is many of the special promo plans can only be activated in store
    Activating online to save the activation fee would be a poor choice usually
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